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Halsey T.C Needle Holder

ADMIRE SURGICAL’s Halsey Needle Holders are finger ring forceps that assist surgeons in guiding and inserting suture needles.
  • Straight Shafts To Enhance Surgical Visualization.
  • Ratcheted Finger Ring Handles For Self-Retaining Function.
  • Stainless Steel & Tungsten Carbide Jaws Available For Optimal Convenience.

Webster Needle Holder

ADMIRE SURGICAL’s Webster Needle Holder helps surgeons to handle and insert suture needles during wound closures.
  • Serrated Jaws With Groove For Non-Slip Grips.
  • Ratcheted Finger Ring Handles To Offer Self-Retaining Clamps.
  • Stainless Steel And Tungsten Carbide Insert To Suit Your Surgical Indications.