ADMIRE SURGICAL ’s Micro and hand surgery are highly specialized fields of medicine that require precision and delicate techniques to treat a wide range of conditions, from nerve repairs to tissue reconstruction. Surgeons in these fields rely on a variety of specialized instruments to perform their procedures with utmost accuracy. Here are some of the essential instruments used in micro and hand surgery:

  1. Needle Holders: Needle holders are essential for suturing during surgery. In micro and hand surgery, delicate needle holders are used to grasp and manipulate fine needles and sutures accurately.
  2. Scissors: Microsurgical scissors are small, sharp, and fine-tipped, designed for precise cutting of tissues, sutures, and other materials.
  3. Tweezers (Forceps): Surgical tweezers, or forceps, come in various shapes and sizes, each tailored to a specific purpose. For example, Adson forceps with fine teeth are used for holding delicate tissues, while dressing forceps with smooth tips are used for grasping dressings and gauze.
  4. Micro Dissectors: These instruments have very fine tips for gently separating and dissecting tissues with minimal trauma. Examples include micro hooks, spatulas, and elevators.
  5. Micro Needle Holders: These are smaller, more delicate versions of traditional needle holders designed for microsurgical procedures. They allow for precise control when suturing tiny structures.
  6. Microvascular Clamps: Used in microsurgery, these clamps are designed to temporarily occlude small blood vessels, allowing the surgeon to work on them without causing excessive bleeding.

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