ADMIRE SURGICAL ’s Cleft lip and palate surgery is a specialized field of surgery that involves repairing congenital deformities in the lip and/or palate of individuals born with cleft conditions. Various instruments are used during these surgeries to perform delicate procedures. Some of the instruments commonly used in cleft lip and palate surgery include:

  1. Scalpel: A small, sharp knife used for making incisions in the tissue.
  2. Scissors: Surgical scissors come in various shapes and sizes and are used for cutting tissue and sutures.
  3. Needle Holder: Used to hold and manipulate needles for suturing.
  4. Sutures: Different types of sutures (e.g., absorbable and non-absorbable) are used for closing incisions and repairing tissue.
  5. Hemostats: These clamp-like instruments are used to control bleeding by clamping blood vessels.
  6. Retractors: Used to hold back tissue and provide better visibility of the surgical area. Cleft palate retractors are specialized for this purpose.
  7. Tissue Forceps: These are used for grasping and holding tissue during surgery.
  8. Mouth Gags: These instruments keep the patient’s mouth open during palate surgery, providing better access to the cleft area.
  9. Electrocautery: Sometimes, an electrocautery device may be used to cut or coagulate tissue and control bleeding.
  10. Suction Devices: Used to remove blood and fluids from the surgical area to maintain a clear field of vision.

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Cleft & Palate Repair Instruments Set

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