ADMIRE SURGICAL ’s Chin augmentation, also known as meatoplasty, can involve various instruments and tools depending on the specific procedure and surgeon’s preference. Some of the common instruments and tools used in chin augmentation sets may include:

  1. Scalpel: A surgical knife used for making incisions.
  2. Rasp: A surgical tool used for smoothing and shaping bone or cartilage.
  3. Osteotome: A tool used for cutting or reshaping bone, particularly in osteotomy procedures.
  4. Chin Implants: Silicone or other biocompatible material implants designed to enhance the shape and size of the chin.
  5. Sutures: Surgical threads used for closing incisions and securing tissues.
  6. Needles: Various types of needles may be used for suturing and injecting anesthesia.
  7. Local Anesthesia: Medications and tools for numbing the chin area.
  8. Hemostatic Agents: Such as surgical clips or electrocautery devices to control bleeding during the procedure.
  9. Surgical Drapes: Sterile covers to maintain a sterile field during surgery.
  10. Retractors: Instruments used to hold tissues or organs aside, providing the surgeon with better visibility and access to the surgical area.

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Chin Augmentation Set

ADMIRE SURGICAL ’s The Genioplasty Surgery Set is a complete set of medical tools and instruments used for chin surgery. It includes high-quality surgical tools that are essential for successful operations such as forceps, Elevators, Retractors, Needles Holder, Knives, and Scissors.

✔ Easy operation performance with premium quality instruments

✔ Cleaned materials ensure no infections during the operation

✔ Affordable package provides a full set of surgical tools at once