ADMIRE SURGICAL ’s Surgical instrument sets are essential tools in the field of medicine, enabling surgeons and healthcare professionals to perform a wide range of procedures with precision and efficiency. These sets are carefully curated to include instruments tailored to specific surgical specialties or procedures. Here, we will explore suggested instrument sets for various surgical disciplines:

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Instrument Set:

  • Liposuction cannulas
  • Skin grafting instruments
  • Microsurgical instruments
  • Tissue expanders and fillers
  • Reconstructive breast surgery instruments
  • Cosmetic surgery instruments (e.g., rhinoplasty instruments)
  • Tumescent infiltration equipment

Abdominoplasty Sets (2)

Basic Plastic Surgery Set (2)

Blepharoplasty Sets (4)

Breast Surgery Sets (4)

Chin Augmentation Set (1)

Cleft Palate Instruments Set (1)

Face Lift Instruments Set (3)

Liposuction Sets (1)

Rhinoplasty Sets (2)