ADMIRE SURGICAL ’s Rhinoplasty, often referred to as a “nose job,” is a surgical procedure aimed at reshaping and enhancing the aesthetic and functional aspects of the nose. It requires a high level of precision and skill to achieve the desired results, making the choice of instruments and equipment crucial for the success of the surgery. Rhinoplasty surgery instrument sets are meticulously designed to assist surgeons in achieving optimal outcomes while ensuring patient safety and comfort.

  1. Scalpels and Dissectors:
    • Rhinoplasty begins with careful incisions and tissue dissection. Scalpels of various sizes are used to create access points and reshape the nasal structures.
    • Dissectors like Freer elevators and Cottle elevators are used to gently separate tissues, allowing the surgeon to access the underlying structures without causing unnecessary trauma.
  2. Rhinoplasty Scissors:
    • Precision scissors, such as iris scissors and tenotomy scissors, are essential for cutting and trimming tissues during the procedure.
    • These scissors have fine tips that allow for detailed and controlled cutting.
  3. Hooks and Probes:
    • Rhinoplasty often involves the delicate manipulation of cartilage and bone. Hooks and probes are used to lift and reshape these structures.
    • Instruments like Joseph hooks and Maltz hooks enable surgeons to navigate the nasal passages with precision.
  4. Septal Instruments:
    • Septal perforators are used to create precise openings in the septal cartilage.
  5. Rasps and Files:
    • Rhinoplasty surgeons use rasps and files to finely sculpt the nasal bones, ensuring symmetry and smooth contours.
  6. Nasal Packing and Splints:
    • After the procedure, nasal packing and splints help support the reshaped nasal structures and control postoperative bleeding.
    • These devices also help maintain the new shape of the nose as it heals.

Chisels-Osteotomes-Gouges (18)

Ethmoid Forceps (13)

Hooks & Retractors (26)

Mallets & Cartilage Crushers (18)

Nasal Cutting Forceps (23)

Nasal Dressing Forceps (10)

Nasal Rasps - Files (15)

Periosteal Elevators (7)

Rhinoplasty Knives (11)

Rhinoplasty Polypus Forceps (7)

Rhinoplasty Saws (5)

Rhinoplasty Scissors (22)

Rhinoplasty Speculum (10)

Septum Elevators (11)

Septum Forceps (16)