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Caplan Nasal Septum Scissor

ADMIRE SURGICAL’s Caplan Septum Scissor is a heavy duty scissor commonly used during endonasal surgeries to dissect nasal septal cartilages. The instrument is used to dissect tough tissues during ENT, Plastic and Orthopedic surgeries.
  • Double Joint To Increase Power Of Dissection
  • One-Toothed Blades To Ensure Fine Cuts
  • Curved Profile To Improve Visibility
  • Serrated Handle To Improve Grip

Thorek Dissecting Scissors – Strong Curved

ADMIRE SURGICAL’s  Thorek Dissecting Scissor is a versatile instrument used for blunt dissection of soft tissues. It is commonly used for abdominal hysterectomies and can be employed in a number of other gynecological and general surgeries.
  • Long Shanks For Better Access To Deep Tissues
  • Short Blade To Shank Ratio For Better Control Over Dissection
  • Curved Blades For Easy Manipulation

Walter Dorsal Scissors

ADMIRE SURGICAL’s Walter Dorsal Scissor is a multi-functional specialized instrument used for the manipulation and dissection of soft tissues in narrow spaces. It is commonly used for sharp and blunt dissection of tissues in rhinoplasty as well as other ENT and Plastic surgeries.
  • Angled Jaws For Improved Access To Tissues
  • Sharp Tips For Appropriate Dissection
  • Large Finger Ring Handles For Better Control