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Kocher Hemostatic Forceps-Delicate

ADMIRE SURGICAL’s Kocher Artery Forceps is a scissor-like device that surgeons in multiple fields use to grasp, mobilize and clamp bleeding vessels during wound closure, specialized surgery, and other procedures.
  • Straight & Curved Profiles to Suit Multiple Approaches.
  • Transversely Serrated Jaws to Ensure a Firm Grip.
  • Ergonomic Finger Rings Promoting Superior Handling.

Ochsner Kocher Hemostatic Forceps

ADMIRE SURGICAL’s Ochsner-Kocher Artery Forceps are used to clamp arteries to block blood flow. They can also be used to hold tissues and skin.
  • Serrated Jaws For Better Grip
  • 1 x 2 Teeth For Holding Delicate Tissue
  • Lighter Weight Improves Operability