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Kelly Dissecting Scissor

ADMIRE SURGICAL’s Kelly Dissecting Scissor is used for precise dissection of soft and delicate tissues during general surgeries, plastic surgeries, ENT and gynecological surgeries.
  • Pointed Tips to Increase Precision During Dissection
  • Short Blades With Streamlined Design To Increase Control
  • Long Shanks To Provide Better Tissue Access

Thorek Dissecting Scissors – Strong Curved

ADMIRE SURGICAL’s  Thorek Dissecting Scissor is a versatile instrument used for blunt dissection of soft tissues. It is commonly used for abdominal hysterectomies and can be employed in a number of other gynecological and general surgeries.
  • Long Shanks For Better Access To Deep Tissues
  • Short Blade To Shank Ratio For Better Control Over Dissection
  • Curved Blades For Easy Manipulation