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Standard Dressing Forceps Slim

ADMIRE SURGICAL’s  Standard Dressing Forceps is a hand-held device that surgeons in multiple areas can use to grasp and manipulate different types of wound dressings, in order to perform wound debridement and remove necrotic tissue from the wound’s surface.
  • Transverse Serrations Ensuring a Firm Grip.
  • Straight Jaws Profile for Enhanced Sightlines.
  • Ergonomic Spring Handle Promoting Superior Control.

Tissue Dissecting Forceps Slim

ADMIRE SURGICAL’s  Standard Tissue Dissecting Forceps is a specialized device that surgeons in different areas use to grasp, manipulate and dissect fragile layers of tissue, to reach deeper cavities or structures.
  • 1 x 2 Toothed Jaws to Suit All Applications.
  • Tapered Profile to Reach Deep Surgical Areas.
  • Spring-Action Handle Ensuring Smooth Movements.