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Barsky Nasal Hook

ADMIRE SURGICAL ‘s Barsky Hook is a double-ended hook-type surgical device that grants atraumatic retraction of the nostrils in order to reach the alar cartilage during nasal surgeries and other complex procedures such as rhinoplasty.
  • Double-Ended Design For Dynamic Surgical Control
  • Suitable Perforated Handle Ideal To Perform Self-Retaining Retractions
  • Sharp Double Prongs For Optimal Vision Of The Nasal Cavity

Cottle Nasal Alar Hook

ADMIRE SURGICAL ‘s Cottle Alar Hook are double-prong traction instruments used to expose the nasal cavity during examinations and rhinoplasty procedures.
  • Serrated Handle For Confident Non-Slip Grips.
  • Long & Slender Shaft To Reach Deep Spaces.
  • Premium Grade Stainless Steel For Reliable Service.

Frazier Delicate Dura Hook

ADMIRE SURGICAL ‘s Frazier Dura Hook is a specialized tool that neurosurgeons commonly use to grasp, elevate and mobilize the cranial dura, especially during craniotomy and other procedures that require exposure of the brain.
  • Extra-Rounded Hook Ensuring Excellent Retraction.
  • Slim Straight Shaft for Deep Surgical Access.
  • Ergonomic Solid Handle Promoting Maximum Control

Freer Mucosa Hook

ADMIRE SURGICAL ‘s Freer Mucosa Hook allows surgeons to retract mucosal tissues and pull back wound edges in order to view the underlying tissues. It is especially useful during nasal surgeries.
  • Two Sharp Prongs For Pulling Back Delicate Tissues
  • Ergonomic Square Handle For Maximum Control
  • Elongated Slim Shaft To Reach Deep Spaces

Gillies Skin Hook – Delicate

ADMIRE SURGICAL ‘s Gillies Skin Hook is an extremely useful, multipurpose device, which allows for grasping, holding, and elevating flaps of the skin and other soft tissues, especially during wound exploration, biopsy harvesting, and reconstructive surgery procedures.
  • Small & Large Working End Sizes Available.
  • Elongated Shaft Promoting Deep Surgical Access.
  • Ergonomic Handle Ensuring Maximum Control.

Guthrie Skin Hook – Double Prong

ADMIRE SURGICAL ‘s Guthrie Skin Retractor allows plastic surgeons to grasp and mobilize soft tissues, thereby exposing narrow anatomical spaces without damaging the dermis.
  • Sharp Double Prongs For Optimal Skin Retraction
  • Elongated Flat Handle For Enhanced Surgical Manipulation
  • Available In Different Hook Widths To Reduce Undesired Trauma

Kilner Skin Hook

ADMIRE SURGICAL ‘s Kilner Skin Hook is an extremely useful design that surgeons in different areas may use to grasp, hold, and elevate flaps of tissues, especially during wound exploration and plastic surgery procedures.
  • Circular Hook Design to Isolate Tissues.
  • Sharp-Pointed Tip Ensuring Optimal Retractions.
  • Ergonomic Round Handle Promoting Maximum Control.

Kleinert-Kutz Delicate Hook

ADMIRE SURGICAL ‘s Kleinert-Kutz Delicate Hook is a specialized device that surgeons in different areas use to grasp, manipulate, and lift thin flaps of the skin and other delicate tissues, in order to reveal their underlying muscles and structures.
  • Round Hook Ensuring Impeccable Retractions.
  • Elongated Shaft Promoting Deep Surgical Access.
  • Ergonomic Round Handle for Maximum Control.