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Freer Septum Knife

ADMIRE SURGICAL’s Freer Septum Knife assists plastic surgeons to perform cartilage and soft tissue incisions in septoplasty. Surgeons use the knife to score the nasal mucosa using parallel cuts.
  • Long handle to facilitate controlled movements.
  • Slender shaft for easy surgical access.
  • Several blade profiles to customize your approach.

Masing Cartilage Slitting Knife

ADMIRE SURGICAL’s Masing Cartilage Slitting Knife is used for cutting away cartilages during tonsillectomies. The sharp Arrow-like blade incises soft nasal cartilage with precision and accuracy. In addition, the long neck has a straight profile to reach deep spaces in the nose with ease.
  • Thin Neck For Better Accessibility
  • Arrow-Shaped Tip For Precision
  • Long Square-Shaped Handle For Grip