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Ballenger Septum Chisel

Ballenger Septum Gouge is a specialized surgical tool that ENT surgeons frequently use for carving and scooping the soft bone of the nasal septum, to reshape the bone and obtain grafting material.
  • Atraumatic V-Shaped Cutting Edge for Avoiding Local Injury.
  • Entirely Straight Design for Deep Surgical Access.
  • Ergonomic Solid Handle for Maximum Control.

Freer Septum Chisel

Freer Septum Chisel is a specialized rhinology tool that surgeons can use to cut and reshape the delicate bone surface of the nasal septum, especially during rhinoplasty surgeries.
  • Atraumatic Beveled Blade for Minimizing Local Injury.
  • Solid Straight Shank for Higher Surgical Precision.
  • Ergonomic Knurled Handle for Enhanced Gripping.