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Micro DeBakey Atrauma Forceps

ADMIRE SURGICAL’s  Micro DeBakey Atrauma Forceps is a tweezer-like device that surgeons in multiple specialities use for clamping small arteries or veins, grasping soft tissues and packing critical wounds.
  • 1 x 2 Atraumatic Serrations to Minimize Trauma.
  • Tapered Working End for Traversing Narrow Spaces.
  • 2  Jaw Size to Suit All Applications.

Micro Vessel Dilator – Round Handle

ADMIRE SURGICAL’s  Micro Vessel Dilator is a specialized surgical instrument commonly used for dilation of small blood vessels. It is often used in cardiovascular surgeries, graft procedures as well as other surgeries to optimize blood flow to tissues.
  • Narrow Prongs For Comfortable Access
  • Blunt Tips To Protect Soft Tissue From Damage
  • Ergonomic Design For Superior Control