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Foster Gillies Needle Holder

ADMIRE SURGICAL’s Foster-Gillies Needle Holders assist in guiding and inserting surgical needles during suturing manipulations.
  • Capacious Thumb Ring For Optimal Comfort & Control.
  • Smooth Jaws For Needle Security.
  • Tungsten Carbide Inserts That Last 6 Times Longer Than Standard Instruments.
  • Cutting Blade Proximal To The Jaws For Complete Suturing Functions.

Foster Gillies T.C Needle Holder

ADMIRE SURGICAL’s  Gillies Needle Holders are finger ring forceps that assist in handling surgical needles during suturing procedures.
  • Asymmetrical Handles To Enhance Surgical Dexterity & Control.
  • Serrated Jaws With Tungsten Carbide Inserts For Firm Grips.
  • Scissor Blades For An Additional Cutting Function.